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Most NFP methods rely solely on cervical fluid and/or temperature. I teach Boston Cross Check, which provides a clearer picture of your fertility by using direct hormone measurements.

Looking for information on childbirth? Tracking your cycle for health? Using fertility charting to achieve or avoid pregnancy? I provide a no-nonsense, research-based approach that helps you to appreciate the beauty of your fertility.


Meet Mikayla

Founder of Fig Leaf Fertility

Hi, I’m Mikayla Dalton! I’m a mother of three (beautiful) children and wife of one (fantastic) husband. 

My experience with fertility education started after my first pregnancy. I found that fertility awareness based methods differ considerably, and it's far from a one-size-fits-all situation. My initial experience with postpartum fertility charting was poor; I was deeply disappointed. In pregnancy, I was given advice by people - including healthcare professionals - that was contrary to the latest evidence. These experiences inspired me to embark on a journey to improve the lives of women, couples and families. I resolved to give people accurate and no-nonsense information about how their bodies work. I have been teaching fertility awareness since 2011.  I have a strong focus on medical research, but also know that a personal touch is important. Women don't just need facts, they need support for the deeply important and personal work of being a family. I care about all of my clients, and want to see them happy. 

I'm honored to help you. Check out my blog, where I provide free information on a variety of charting topics, and join my community of subscribers to access comprehensive information in pre-recorded videos. My aim is honest answers to your questions. 

Are you frustrated with your current method of fertility charting?

Would you like to feel more empowered in your birth and fertility decisions?

Do you want to pursue a more natural way of avoiding or achieving pregnancy?

  • Young Couple Expecting

    A new addition to your family is a wonderful journey. I can help you get there.

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    Naturally avoiding pregnancy is possible when you understand how your body works!

  • Mother in Love

    I'm well-versed in how to guide women through confusing fertility signs during breastfeeding.

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    My extensive video library, available to subscribers, gives detailed info on how to naturally track your cycle.

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    Your cycle can give you valuable information about your health. Learn how to read your body's signs.

  • Get no-nonsense, research-based answers to your questions about childbirth. (Coming soon.)



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