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Most NFP methods rely solely on cervical fluid and/or temperature. I teach Boston Cross Check, which provides a clearer picture of your fertility by using direct hormone measurements.

Looking for information on childbirth? Tracking your cycle for health? Using fertility charting to achieve or avoid pregnancy? I provide a no-nonsense, research-based approach that helps you to appreciate the beauty of your fertility.


Meet Mikayla

Founder of Fig Leaf Fertility

Hi, I’m Mikayla Dalton! I’m a mother of three (beautiful) children and wife of one (fantastic) husband. 

My experience with fertility education started after my first pregnancy. I found that fertility awareness based methods differ considerably, and it's far from a one-size-fits-all situation. My initial experience with postpartum fertility charting was poor; I was deeply disappointed. In pregnancy, I was given advice by people - including healthcare professionals - that was contrary to the latest evidence. These experiences inspired me to embark on a journey to improve the lives of women, couples and families. I resolved to give people accurate and no-nonsense information about how their bodies work. I have been teaching fertility awareness since 2011.  I have a strong focus on medical research, but also know that a personal touch is important. Women don't just need facts, they need support for the deeply important and personal work of being a family. I care about all of my clients, and want to see them happy. 

I'm honored to help you. We can discuss honest answers to your questions in a personal consultation. Or join my community of subscribers to access comprehensive information in pre-recorded videos. 



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