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Childbirth Education

When in the early stages of building my family, I was frustrated because the evidence-focused services tended ignore or minimize the spiritual dimensions of pregnancy and childbirth, while the pregnancy and birthing services that fit with my faith tended not to be evidence-based. My service provides evidence-aware information with a respect for the deeply spiritual dimensions of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

My birth plan coaching and pregnancy/birth support services can help you sort out what your options are, what the current medical recommendations are (with attention to the recommendations in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), which options you prefer, and how to achieve truly informed consent and refusal for any treatments or approaches. I book in 30 minute increments for meetings via Zoom.

This is your time to direct the conversation. We can have a wide-ranging discussion about how society presents birth and how that compares to a faith based view, or how to manage or approach physical discomforts or emotions surrounding pregnancy and birth. Or we can work through a birth plan point by point, evaluating the pros and cons of each option. I have worked with women having their first baby and their fifth baby, homebirth and planned repeat cesarean-sections, simple birth plans and very detailed ones. 

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