Recommended Products


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Fertility Monitors

Clearblue Fertility Monitor
and the
Clearblue Fertility Monitor test sticks to go with it!

*If you are affected by the temporary scarcity in monitor test sticks due to the effects of COVID-19 on the manufacturing industry in China, and have considered your options you may decide on the temporary use of the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test.

Ovulation Tests (OPKs)

The Wondfo brand is one of the most popular of the ones I recommend. You're looking for a test with a sensitivity to show a positive when LH reaches 25mIU/mL. 

Easy@Home, Clinical Guard, Fairhaven Health, Pregmate, and iProven are brands that fit this description. The brand does matter, as some do not have the needed sensitivity, and some claim to have the necessary sensitivity but don’t seem to work reliably. Fairhaven Health tests are made in the USA, if that is a deciding factor for you.


If you are in a bind and need a test quickly without time to order online, an acceptable option available at brick and mortar pharmacies is the Clearblue ovulation test, just the cheap line-reading type. No need to purchase the fancy digital versions. However, if reading the OPK lines makes you anxious, the Clearblue Digital ovulation test (LH only) is a good option.

Paper Charting Journal*

There’s a lovely, customizable charting journal available on Amazon here or directly from the designer here.   *Not available as of early 2020: keep an eye out for new editions!

Ovulation Confirmation Tests

We recommend the Proov PdG tests.

Proov is a urine test that measures a metabolite of progesterone. You use first morning urine. You do the first test early in the cycle – you can pick any day between CD4-8. Then you can use another starting a couple of days after peak. The test should move from negative to a positive result as your progesterone levels rise after ovulation.
If you think you have missed peak with the monitor, you can try these to see if the result is positive and your suspicion is correct. If you are trying to conceive, you can test through 7-10 days after detection of the LH surge to check that your progesterone levels remain high.
Purchase directly from Proov here and try the coupon codes PROOVPDG or PROOVIT or FRIEND-2R9BJ3R  to see if they still work for a discount. You may also get a bonus pee cup! 
You can also purchase them on Amazon here.

Wearable Temping Devices

This is a wearable device that takes your skin temperature multiple times per minute overnight. When you remove it in the morning, you sync it via Bluetooth to your phone and it then sends the data via wifi to the Tempdrop program, which then provides you a single representative temperature for the night. It improves with data, so the recommendation is to use it for 2 months before considering it reliable. If you have the Ovuview app you can sync it with the Tempdrop so you don’t need to manually chart. There’s a workaround to transfer its data to Kindara. It does not require you to be in regular cycles (or cycling at all) in order to work. You will need to change the battery every 8-9 months.
When purchasing a Tempdrop,
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  • Ava.

This is a wearable device with a wristband. It takes your skin temperature and tracks a variety of other parameters such heart rate. It puts the results into its own app. You will need to manually transfer the temping result to your own charting app. The Ava has been designed for women trying to conceive, so you shouldn’t use its app to determine your rules for avoiding pregnancy, but its temperatures can be used in your chart to confirm ovulation. It does require you to be in regular cycles to work. When the battery expires after 2+ years, you will need a new device.
You can use
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Manual Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Thermometers

This comes under several different brand names. It has a backlight, an alarm, and beeps quietly but not relentlessly. It stores 60 temps in its memory with time and date. It has a sturdy tip, suitable for vaginal temping as well as oral temping.

Amazon USA
In grey

In purple

In pink

Amazon UK: (hot pink) (BabyMad in Celsius)

  • Cyclotest Lady

This is the same as Domotherm, but in yellow with a different label. Flexible tip.

Amazon UK:

Amazon France:

  • Domotherm Rapid 0830

This has a flexible tip for more gentle oral temping.

Amazon UK:

Amazon Germany:

Amazon France: (delivers outside of France too)

  • Femometer


UK: or

  • Geratherm Classic glass thermometer

USA: (Fahrenheit)




  • iProven

USA: or or


  • MABIS Basal Digital Thermometer (aka ReliOn)
    Affordable, very good beginner’s thermometer.

    USA Amazon:

USA Walmart:



  • Surgipack 6332 Ovulation Digital Thermometer



  • Terumo Electronic thermometer




  • Up & Up from Target

Another affordable, good intro-level thermometer


  • Veridian Basal Digital Thermometer


Menstrual Supplies

The method I teach often treats the first three or five days of a cycle as infertile by default. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy and would like this available time, but the mess of menses is too much, these products allow for intercourse with minimal mess. 
These products are not contraceptive in design and would be ineffective if used that way! None of these products remove the risk of toxic shock syndrome, so care should be taken with their use. 

Menstrual disks / soft cups

The Flex Menstrual Disc or the Softdisc.
These are used similarly to menstrual cups, but unlike menstrual cups it is possible to use these during sexual intercourse, as the design is different. They may take practice to insert and remove.


Sea Sponges for internal use

Jade & Pearl classic medium or premium multi-size
These are used similarly to tampons, and can be cut down in size if needed.