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Charting for Health

The health class you never had at school 

Make your monthly less of a mystery! People using fertility awareness based methods (FABM) gain important insight into their health. Women's bodies are wonderfully complex, but you can understand your body. You have ready access to valuable information for you, and for your doctor.

Your cycles can reveal clues to underlying health conditions. You may not need to resort to hormonal birth control if you don't want to. Your fertility charting could help a doctor take a more holistic approach to improving your health, responding to your body's signals instead of silencing them.


Understanding the way your body functions is empowering. With this knowledge you can even schedule activities around your cycle and harness your body's natural abilities. If you have irregular cycles, you can still know when to expect your period.

Have you wondered if your cycles are normal?

Do you want to be able to read the clues to your reproductive and general health?

Are you frustrated with how medicine treats all women the same?

I love helping women to understand their cycles. A subscription to my low-cost video series will help you understand your body. I look forward to helping you!

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