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Achieving Pregnancy

Trying to have a baby is an exciting time in your life! Using the latest research is a great way to ensure you conceive as quickly as possible. People using fertility awareness based methods (FABM) time their intercourse to conceive quickly. 

Compared to randomly timed intercourse, using FABM typically results in a much shorter time spent trying to conceive. In fact, one study found 42% of couples achieved within their very first cycle of use; 75% by the third cycle, and by the sixth cycle, 88% of people were successful. Less time trying, quicker success - that's the difference research makes!


Because of this high efficacy, FABM are also useful for identifying health problems. If it takes more than six cycles for you to conceive while using Boston Cross Check, it may indicate sub-fertility or other health problems, which can be addressed by a doctor. No need to wait a year to get help!

Are you trying to become pregnant?

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