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The Cycle Power Summit is here!

And this year, I'm a speaker. Wow. I remember the first Cycle Power Summit in 2019. It was amazing. I signed up for the Premium Pass so I could have access to all that information for a whole year. It was totally worth it. There was a real wealth of expertise across a broad area of charting and fertility.

This year I'm a speaker and partner for this summit. What a time for it, too, when we're all stuck at home and have this time to fill. My speaker slot is a casual interview on the topic of Femtech, we talk about some of the advances being made and some of the pitfalls to watch out for. It's a great honor (honour for us Aussies!) to be involved. I encourage you to check it out. You can sign up for a free pass here, and it can be upgraded to a premium pass if you like.

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